Are you sick of feeling worn out, overwhelmed, and like life is happening to you instead of you being able to live your life on purpose?

I can help you discover practical ways to simplify the logistics of everyday life so that you have more room for what matters most!

 I know that when you’re not stressed about money, your home is clutter-free, and you know what’s for dinner, you have more time and energy for hobbies, health, and your loved ones. 

What do you want to simplify?

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I want to help you live your life on purpose! 

Spend your money on purpose. Take control of your finances by creating your personal budget and learning new ways to save money.

Declutter your home with intention. Cultivate positive, healthy habits and keep an active lifestyle to boost your energy and reduce stress.

We also offer practical advice on every day chores at home. For instance, hundreds of users have discovered our biggest secret to a perpetually clean house, or taken our quiz to find out how often you should wash your bed sheets.

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We often want to do big, drastic things to improve our lives and we ignore the simple stuff. However the simple stuff, done consistently, is what leads to the dramatic transformations. So don’t brush this off as being too simple, too basic, too easy, or whatever else.  

It works.

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"Prior to reading the book, my house was unorganized, chaotic, and stressful. However, after reading the book I have been able to take control of my house while making great donations to the local community. I am able to walk in my door after work and know exactly where EVERYTHING goes without questioning it. A small amount of effort has allowed me to be relaxed, stress-free, and more engaged while being at home. This book was able to change my life and help me regain control and comfort at home." 

~ Lindzi

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"I've got to tell you, I love the printables . . . it's so organized and well laid out I finally feel in charge of my finances!"

~ Erika

"I love your workbook so much! . . . I am finally not stressing about money every day because I know exactly what it's all doing!" 

~ Juliana